Main Activities

  1. Service Delivery Arrangements in Districts.
  2. Provision of Nutrient Supplementation.
  3. Gaps in PC-I Nutrition Support Program Sindh.
  4. Behaviour Change Communication.
  5. Pay for Performance of CMWs.
  6. Procurement and Distribution of Chlorohexidine
  7. Supporting the Safe Delivery in Community
  8. Parental Iron for control of Anaemia
  9. Capacity Building Trainings
  10. Operational Activities Including HR
Program Coordinator message

Dr. Sahibjan Badar

Welcome to the website of Accelerated Action Plan (AAP). AAP is an initiative of Health Department, Government of Sindh. The goal of program is to improve health and nutrition status of children and mothers by rapidly expanding and enhancing coverage of intervention in all districts of Sindh, both t Read more..


Sindh Health Profile 2016-17

Sindh AAP Booklet

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